Levium – Natural Stress & Anxiety Relief Supplement By Doctors & Neuroscientists


It isn’t often that you come across a natural supplement developed by doctors and neuroscientists, but the creators of Levium, a new stress and anxiety relief supplement, claim to offer just that.

Levium is a 2 oz liquid supplement to be taken once or twice daily to alleviate stress on the spot and build resilience to stress-related disorders like anxiety.

But does it work?

Levium’s product literature says it acts by “inhibiting the breakdown of NPY” what Levium’s research teams are calling the “resilience” neurotransmitter. The makers of Levium, Glauser Life Sciences, say that NPY is created naturally in your brain to counter cortisol – the stress hormone that, in excess, leads to inflammation and disease.

Levium claims that its fast-acting ingredients can take effect right away, alleviating stress on the spot. They also claim that Levium’s benefits build over time as neuropeptide Y (NPY) levels stabilize. It’s common for many psychiatric medications to build effectiveness over time, so we weren’t surprised that a powerful nutraceutical, albeit a natural one, might work in similar ways.

We were skeptical, so we scoured Levium’s website and Facebook Page for reviews from people who had actually tried Levium. Here’s what a few of people had to say…

“I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for this wonderfully amazing product. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years and my husband is a Vietnam vet who has struggled with PTSD for over 30 years. Both of our situations had recently gotten so bad that we were planning to separate after 15 years together because we just couldn’t get along. I ran across your product on Facebook and decided to give it a try as a last-ditch effort. I am happy to say that after less than two weeks of taking this product my husband is like a new person and I have not had any anxiety at all. We are happy together again and I am so thankful for Levium I just don’t have the words to express. I have also recommended your product to everyone I see. My Chiropractor ordered a 30 day supply and when I went into his office yesterday he came out and gave me a huge hug and couldn’t stop talking about how great it is. I will continue to tell everyone I encounter about this wonderful product and plan to start ordering on the automatic shipment program so I am never without it. Thank you again for such a wonderful, life-changing product.”
– Kathy H.

“Stress for the day was reduced greatly after drinking it. I felt much less irritable, I fell asleep much faster than normal, stayed asleep, and felt much better the next morning. I am also almost positive it is responsible for the vivid dreams I had as well. Wonderful product.”
– Jeremy J.

“I can feel a huge difference in my thought process and how I can handle many tasks and situations. I’m shocked at its effects.”
– Lee R.

Some anxiety sufferers are turning to Levium because they want to get off of prescription medications like Xanax. And it seems to be offering relief.

Others use Levium to decrease stress or create a buffer to anxiety during busy days.

We did find a few folks on Facebook who had reactions to Levium such as warmness in hands and face. The makers of Levium say they mention this on the bottle itself. It’s called Niacin Flush, a harmless reaction due to increased blood flow. Commentors said they found success taking smaller doses of Levium after a full meal—1/2 a bottle, for instance.

A few people said Levium didn’t do much for them, while the vast majority of comments and reviews we could find were positive, over 90% we’d say.

Levium does offer a Money Back Guarantee for those who feel like Levium isn’t a good match.

When we tried a sample we felt an immediate calming effect and a sense of focus. The taste was pleasant but slightly tart.

Potential Levium Benefits:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Better cognitive function
  • Better moods

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, RELIEFY administrators have not tried Levium for extended periods of time but have tried samples and can attest to only the short-term positive effects, not the long-term claims the Levium creators make about the product. Our rating is based on other user-testimonials and our own sample pack.

Levium Review, Stress Anxiety Relief Natural Supplement By Doctors Neuroscientists

Product: Levium, Natural Stress Relief Supplement

Reliefy Rating: 5 Stars

The Benefits – Why Use Levium For Stress & Anxiety Relief?

  • Levium was developed by doctors and neuroscientists
  • The creators maintain that Levium is Safe with SSRIs and Benzodiazepines
  • Convenient 2 oz liquid supplement, safe and compliant for travel
  • Natural active ingredients, no artificial sweeteners
  • A Money Back Guarantee is available for first-time buyers who feel Levium doesn’t work for them.


  • Although Levium is a natural supplement that doesn’t require FDA-approval, and the testimonials are positive so far, the “amazing” effects reported by users are worthy of some sort of clinical trial.
  • There is a waiting list for free samples and no telling when they’ll be fulfilled.
  • Some users report niacin flush (the creators recommend smaller doses and taking Levium after a full meal for this).
  • Price might be an issue for some folks if you are going to use this regularly. Reliefy administrators tried to curate the best hard-to-find deals below.


Levium can cost anywhere from $2 to $3 per serving, depending on the package you buy.

There are various packages, not all of them directly available on Levium’s website. For the convenience of RELIEFY readers, we curated them below. The monthly subscription seems to be the best deal, with 15% off of an already 15% off package (total 30% off).


Levium 30-Count Value Pack – Recurring Subscription (20% Off) $59.99 $75.00