5 “Super” Foods for Stress and Anxiety Relief


Superfoods are gaining massive popularity for health and fitness fanatics. Now certain superfoods have been found to relieve stress and anxiety.

But are superfoods just a trend?

The reality is most natural foods like fruits and vegetables ARE superfoods. But there are special foods that can benefit your health exponentially by offering nutritional value as well as tonic health benefits.

Here is a shout out to some every day “super” foods that can be used as an additional tool in the fight against chronic stress and anxiety.

Here are a few foods that you can consume to decrease stress and anxiety naturally.

The ABC’s of Anxiety & Stress Relief Foods


Avocados are rich in stress-relieving B vitamins. We need B vitamins for healthy nerves and brain cells, and feelings of anxiety may be rooted in a B vitamin deficiency.


Almonds have natural calming properties. Almonds have been shown to be beneficial or people suffering from depression, stress or moderate levels of anxiety. They rich in stress-reducing vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E. Almonds also provide an excellent source of the mineral selenium.


Broccoli is one of the best detox foods you can eat, and it’s a great source of folic acid. Just one cup of broccoli provides approximately 26% of your daily folic acid needs, not to mention a whole host of other important nutrients.

Folic acid, also known as vitamin b9 has been shown to be essential. Lacking folic acid can lead to increased risk of anxiety and depression. Folic acid is also essential for cell growth.


Berries offer high levels antioxidants and vitamin C to repair cells. Blueberries and blackberries have been proven in studies to contain some of the highest amounts of antioxidants* among all fruits.

*Antioxidants fight oxidative stress and inflammation, thus decreasing your chances for disease. Antioxidant therapy has been shown to benefit patients with stress-induced psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression.


Dark chocolate without the added sugars or milk is beneficial to those with anxiety and chronic stress as it naturally reduces cortisol – the stress hormone that can exacerbate anxiety symptoms.